Adults Only: 10,000-square foot bounce house touring U.S.


'Fun for all ages' usually translates to 'mild amusement for toddlers only' but the exception has been found with the world's biggest inflatable bounce house.

'The Big Bounce America' is a massive, 10,000 square foot, candy-colored inflatable castle of epic proportions that makes you feel like a kid more than any other experience I've tried. It tours the country.

'So what, you just bounce around?' You may ask. The touring attraction features obstacle courses, basketball hoops, foam pits, and giant slides, so you have plenty to do and will become very aware of how old your knees are.

'But what if I knock into a kid while I'm bouncing and get yelled at by a soccer mom?' Don't worry, the bounce house is open all day for families, but goes adults only after 6pm with light shows, a DJ, and 100+ person dodge ball, so you can absolutely lay a beat down on your friends with the hundreds of beach balls rolling around.

Believe me when I say any skepticism you have about this being the most fun of your adult life will wash away the second you kick off your shoes.

The Big Bounce America has no less than 50 upcoming locations across the country, and even takes requests in case your town isn't on the list.

Come join the era of perpetual adolescence that's given us gems like retro Nintendo game consoles, and brand new Tamagotchis. Good times.

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