Grieving grandfather's gift to toddler goes viral


"This momma just cried in the middle of Target," a mother starts off a Facebook post that has gone viral, before she told of a heart-felt encounter with a man who recently lost his grandson.

In the post, the Oklahoma mother says she was in a Target with her son waiting on "Grammi" when he grabbed three stuffed dinosaurs. In the middle of trying to determine which dinosaur he wanted to take home, the little boy stopped and yelled "hi" to a man walking by. The mother says the man replied "hey sweet boy" and began to play dinosaurs with him before taking a $20 from the pocket of his shirt and telling the mother, "I just lost my 2-year-old grandson last week. You take this money and buy this boy all three dinosaurs."

The mother says the man then rubbed her son's back, wiped tears from his eyes and started to walk away, but not before her son yelled "thank you." The man just replied "boomer sooner," the mother said.

"There is still some good in this world," the mother ended the post with.

The post has been shared more than 100,00 times and received over 250 thousand likes.

In a following post, the mother says she "never imagined" her post would reach so many people.

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