He stole a truck to save Vegas victims and a dealership gives him a free one

(PHOTO: Circa / KSNV)

A customized truck dealership in Gilbert, Arizona saw a veteran save lives during the Las Vegas mass-shooting and wanted to thank him in the biggest way.

Shane Beus, owner of B5 Motors thought what's the best way to honor him? Buy him a new truck!

San Diego native and Marine Taylor Winston, went back into the disaster, when he could've safely been outside of it. Winston stole a truck which had the keys laying in the front seat and used the truck to make two trips to the hospital.

He says it's that human compassion that's more powerful than one person with an evil plan. In the truck, Winston said there were people with gunshot wounds to their necks, their chest, and a woman had a hole in her chest the size of his fist, according to our sister station KSNV.

Beus has been internationally recognized for his deed and has heard from news outlets in various countries. The Ellen Show is also a TV show that has reached out to Beus's dealership to learn more about the story.

Shane sat down with campus correspondent, Frankie Mclister from Arizona State University.

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