Gov. Haslam calls special session to try to save $60 million in federal funding


Tennessee's legislature will convene in special session next week to try to fix a problem involving a new DUI law that is putting millions in federal road funding at stake.

Gov. Bill Haslam has called the session to start Monday. It is because of a new law passed by the legislature and signed by him.

For drivers under age 21, it set an illegal blood alcohol threshold of 0.08 percent, but federal transportation officials say it must be changed without delay to 0.02 percent.

Senator elect Jon Lundberg (R-TN 1 st District) of Bristol says a special session will be expensive, but a lot less than a projected loss of federal transportation funding.

"The per diem cost, I think the estimates were about $25,000 a day and over three days is it worth the state to spend $75,000 for $60 million? Yeah," Lundberg said.

In a proclamation calling the session, Haslam limited action to revising this bill.