TN Lt. Gov. McNally participating in NFL boycott on Veterans Day

(PHOTO: R. McNally / Facebook)

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally announced Friday he intends on participating in a national boycott of National Football League games on Veterans Day weekend next month.

McNally made the statement on his social media account, stating that "it is simply unconscionable that the NFL refuses to insist its players to stand for the anthem."

While their has been no direct connection, media analysts say current television ratings for NFL games follow a two-year trend of fluctuating numbers. Satellite provider DirecTV recently started offering refunds to customers who had purchased the NFL Direct Ticket package but were offended by recent protests by players by kneeling during the National Anthem.

Those protests were conducted by players to protest the treatment of African Americans by law enforcement across the U.S.

"Disrespect for our national anthem is never welcome. But on (Veterans Day) it is inexcusable," McNally wrote.