8th grader starts water drive for hurricane victims

Students from Derek's class hold the banner for the water drive.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - An eighth grader from Washington County, Tennessee is helping hurricane victims. He decided to start a special campaign to help those affected by the storm.

"I just felt like I needed to do more than pray for the people down there," Derek said. "I just needed to do stuff for them."

Derek Onks decided he wanted to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"Me and my mom were talking one Sunday," Derek said. "We were talking about pictures and stuff we saw and videos and stuff like that"

The social media posts he saw made Derek want to do something. He and his parents decided collecting water bottle donations would be a good need to fill. They just needed a drop off point.

"They called me up one day and we just went in there and talked to the principal about it," Derek said.

The principal at his school, Grandview Elementary, agreed. Derek's mom says she's proud of her son's thoughtfulness.

"We've just tried to teach our kids to help others," April Onks said. "If it's something as small as feeding somebody that's homeless on the side of the road, or doing something that's as big as a water drive, to try to bless others the way that god's blessed us."

The truck will leave on Wednesday to take the water to grace crossing church in Conroe, Texas. Drop off times for water bottles are Thursday and Friday from 9 to 7, Saturday from 9 to 3, Sunday from 1 to 4, and Monday and Tuesday from 9 to 7.