A field of flags for veterans in Piney Flats


If you're driving down 11-E in Piney Flats you may notice a field of flags along the road.

The Piney Flats Tennessee Ruritan Club has temporarily designated a lot at the corner of 11-E and Allison Rd. as Veterans Corner.

About 140 flags have been placed to honor veterans from around the region. Some have been sponsored with a donation to the Ruritan Club.

Those donations help them pay for a special dinner to honor vets on Veterans Day in November.

"It's our way of trying to honor veterans alive and dead that people know and people want to remember. This is a way we can do it to honor them and also help sponsor a dinner we do," Dean Baird with the Piney Flats Ruritan Club said.

The sponsored flags include a gold colored ribbon with the name of an honored veteran on it.

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