A proposal by Greeneville's Hawk delays Haslam's gas tax vote


A key vote on efforts to boost transportation funding in Tennessee has been put off by at least a week. House Transportation Subcommittee Chairwoman Terri Lynn Weaver on Wednesday decided to first take up a rival proposal to Gov. Bill Haslam's plan introduced by Republican Rep. David Hawk. Weaver then refused Democratic Rep. John Mark Windle's effort to add a sales tax exemption for baby formula because he hadn't offered the amendment earlier in the day. Windle responded by calling for the committee to adjourn for the week, which prevailed on a voice vote. Haslam's proposal would raise money in large part through a tax hike on gasoline and diesel, but also cuts taxes on groceries, large manufacturers and personal investments. Hawk's bill would instead redirect a small percentage of sales tax money to road projects.

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