Annual Steele Creek Park cleanup


About 200,000 people visit Steele Creek park every year.

Saturday, volunteers were working to clean up the area.

The manager of the nature center says most of the litter comes from the two creeks at the park.

He says if you're driving by, and trash blows out of your car, it'll end up in the creek, which will end up in the park.

But, he says since they started the clean up 10 year ago, there's been less and less trash to pick up every year.

"First year I ever did this event, we pulled the equivalent of an entire car out of the lake. Since then, it's been down hill from there so I like the trend," Nature Center Manager Jeremy Stout said.

"If you're hiking, if you're riding bikes, if you're doing anything, always carry a little plastic bag with you. And any trash that you find pick up bring it here and we'll recycle and dispose of it, or take it home with you and don't leave anything as you're hiking," VP of the Friends of Steele Creek Park Sonie Schermer said.

The new nature center is scheduled to have a soft open in October.

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