Another 'Chicken Head Mafia' member sentenced in drug case


Another member of a northeast Tennessee gang has received a lengthy prison sentence for their role in a drug conspiracy operation.

Information from U.S. District Court in Greeneville says Joel Hosea Beasley, 37, accepted a plea deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to 25 years. He was one of 27 members and associates of the 'Chicken Head Mafia' originally indicted in the case.

Prosecutors said Beasley's teenage son was also involved in the operation that dealt in meth, mushrooms and other narcotics. Joel Beasley was also recorded in jail after a 2015 drug and weapons arrest coordinating collection of past drug debts with his wife.

Fellow gang member Steven Dwight Hopkins, 46, of Hawkins County was sent to prison for 20 years following his sentencing in March.

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