Area kids rewarded for maintaining reading skills


A celebration for Kingsport and Sullivan County kids today to reward their reading achievement over the summer.

United We Read of greater Kingsport invited kindergarten through third grade students to an event filled with different activities featuring an outer space theme.

The kids participated in the Summer Book Club and completed the assignments to show they are maintaining their reading skills.

Organizers say it can be tough to get the young ones to stay at or above their reading grade level this time of year.

"Kids can lose up to several months worth of ground over the summer if they're not consistently doing some sort of academic work or activity. It's proven that reading only 20 minutes a day can really help that child stay at grade level so they don't continue to fall behind," United We Read Manager Emily Merritt said.

They chose the space theme for a couple of reasons. One of them is timing because of the solar eclipse is happening later this summer.

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