Balloon launch raising awareness


JOHNSON CITY,Tenn. - It's March, and not only does that mean spring is almost here, itis also Colon Cancer Awareness month. Campaigns to educate the public about the deadly disease are already in full swing.

According to the National Cancer Society, Colon Cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.

Gastrointestinal Associates of Northeast Tennessee in Johnson City is hoping to educate and raise awareness about colon cancer and ways to prevent it.

Almost 30 blue balloons were released in the parking lot of their office this afternoon.

Friday, March 6th is National Dress in Blue Day, and organizers are urging people to wear blue to work.

Practice Administrator for Gastrointestinal Associates of Northeast Tennessee,Tina Patrick says a routine screening could possibly save your life.

"We want to be able to prevent people from saying from something that is very easily preventable, and having a colonoscopy is a very easy procedure," said Patrick.

Patrick says the preparation is not fun, but recommends the screening for anyone age 50 and older.

"You come in, and in a couple of hours of you time, it can save your life," she said.

According to the National Cancer Society, 49,700 people will die this year form colon cancer.