Black Friday preparations: Retailers gearing up for shopping rush

(PHOTO: S. Zarek / WCYB)

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - It may not be very busy now, but on Black Friday, the mall at Johnson City will be packed with shoppers looking for deals. Employees I spoke with say they prepare for the rush well ahead of time.

"We are stacking up, we've got new shipments in, everyday we are just stocking up. We have stuff in the back that we're going to pull out," says sales associate at Studio 6 Mackenzie Carrier.

"We're just stocking up with a lot of our best shirts, some new stuff. Just trying to have a lot of items other than T-shirts this year that are great for stocking stuffers and things that you can put under the tree," says owner of Boomtown Co. James McAmis.

Stores also say they'll be increasing their staff.

"We have to make sure that the timing is right because we have such long hours, so we have to pace it with having a few at one time, and then others feed in and feed in until we have the whole everybody there from start to finish," says Diana Haas with Hands On Ink.

"We'll definitely have a few more people on hand. We're bringing some girls in from our other stores to come help us," Carrier says.

"The mall gets really crowded as you know, we don't want people waiting too long in a line, and needing help, so we always double staff," McAmis says.

Door busters, two-for-ones, reward programs; these are just some of the sales the stores will feature.

"When you buy a certain number of ornaments, you get to pick out one for free," Haas says.

"We are doing five-dollars off of every 50, and we're also going to do a raffle, so if you purchase you get a ticket," McAmis says.

"We have discounts, and we're having some door busters, but you'll have to come see us to find out exactly what those are," Carrier says.

The Mall at Johnson City opens at six, Friday morning. The only store in the mall that will open before then will be JC Penny, it will open at 2:00 PM on Thursday, Thanksgiving day, and stay open through 10:00 PM on Friday.

For more information on Mall hours, visit their website:

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