Block parties celebrating 100 years for Kingsport

PHOTO: Samantha Zarek

KINGSPORT, TN - Block parties in celebration of Fun Fest and Kingsport's 100th anniversay continue. These block parties have been popping up all over Kingsport in celebration of the city's centennial. This one was held at Mafair Methodist Church, with countless activities for the whole family to enjoy.

"We've got two inflatables, a number of games, a no-talent talent show, registration with gift cards and Target and Kroger gift card giveaways and some other prizes as well. We try to meet our neighbors and be present with other folks here around us," said church pastor Amy Probst.

Probst says the block party is a way for Mafair to connect with the community.

"We're very interested in getting to know our neighborhood and getting to know our neighbors and see how we can help be a good neighbor. So actually part of the registration is a survey with the giveaways and it says, how can we help be a neighbor to you," she said.

Paul McRoy is the "Winning Team" coach at Mafair-- a group that focuses on community engagement. He says events like this help show people that the church is a welcoming place.

"People don't just naturally come to church anymore, so we have to offer things that allow people to come up along side us and help other people," McRoy says.

Being a part of the city's centennial celebration means a lot to McRoy.

"When you look at Kingsport as far as the city itself is concerned and you think about the industry that we have here, the people that make up this area, it's just a wonderful place to live and I pretty much knew, even though I was in North Carolina for a long time, eventually I was going to make my way to Kingsport, and that would be where I would stay," he said.

Both McRoy and Probst hope events like the block party will increase community engagement.

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