Blooming business: Local florist calls in extra help for Valentine's Day

(PHOTO: T. Culberson / WCYB)

Data generated by the National Retail Federation shows Americans are spending billions of gifts for Valentine's Day.

Information taken from those surveyed showed the Valentine's consumer will spend more than $130 on gifts, dinner and other items.

One of the most purchased items will be roses or other flower arrangements. Roddy Bird, owner of Roddy's Flowers, can attest how the power of love can motivate one's bank account for holiday purchases.

His floral shop had to order an additional 5,000 roses to meet consumer demand and rent two large rental vans for their eight delivery personnel to get the orders out.

"If it is on a weekday, everybody wants it delivered that day. There's no tomorrow. There's no yesterday. And everybody usually wants it by 10 o'clock. If it's not there by 10 o'clock, they start calling," said Bird.

Bird's business had more than 600 orders to fill and deliver on Tuesday- one of the two biggest floral business days of the year. The other- Mother's Day.

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