Blountville cancer patient wins lawn fix-up contest


BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. - A Northeast Tennessee woman owns the ugliest yard in the Tri-Cities and now has the prize to prove it.

Blountville resident Judy Shannon beat out nearly 60 other competitors for the Ugly Lawn Contest put on by WCYB and Mize Farm and Garden in Gray. Shannon says she didn't think her yard was the worst one submitted in the contest, but feels she needed the help the most.

"I'm a cancer patient and it's very hard for me to keep my lawn," Shannon says.

Shannon has been battling cancer since 2008 and the disease has since progressed to stage four.

"I don't know how long I have left but I'm hoping to get two more years," she says. "But there's no guarantee."

She's currently in the process of preparing her house to be sold, so she can move in with her kids and become a full-time grandma.

"My granddaughter calls me her crazy grandma," she says.

But selling her home, won't be easy.

"My house will have to be sold as a fixer upper because I don't have the funds to do a lot of the interior repairs," Shannon says. "It needs to have a nice yard to show potential buyers the potential of the house."

That's where Mize Farm and Garden comes in. They awarded Shannon with a 500 dollar gift certificate after she won the contest with 57 percent of votes.

"With the gift certificate, Judy can come in at any time and our people will help her figure out what she needs for her yard," Helen Wagner, the company's owner says.

Shannon says her first priority will be to start her own backyard garden.

"Tomatoes and peppers, only the good stuff in here," she says. "Maybe one just for zucchini or yellow squash."

Several groups have already come to Shannon's house to help her clean, and now News 5 is throwing their hat into the ring. Sometime in the near future, we'll be sending a crew Shannon's house to help turn the ugliest yard in the Tri-Cities, into one of the most beautiful.

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