Boat racers compete on Boone Lake


SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Boat racers took over the Boone beach and boat ramp this weekend. The US Title Series hosted a tournament on Boone Lake.

The racers range from children to 80 year old Pete Voss who won his heats on Saturday. Voss has been racing since 1954, and he loves when people come watch the races.

"That's what our whole plan for the organization was, just to go out and put a show on," Voss said. "We race hard, we race things, but we put a show on."

Many boaters are from families that have raced for generations

"One of the things is boat racing is really more of a family event," USTS Treasurer Diane Murray said. "I mean if you take a look and walk around, you'll see little kids all the way up to senior citizens. And it's really more of a family, and that's why people do it."

The sport can be quite dangerous. Several people at the race said they had broken bones in previous competitions. Some have even died racing.

Over the past several years, safety measures and gear have gotten stronger. Some boaters wear Kevlar bodysuits while racing to protect against rotors from other boats. Other wear braces to prevent neck injuries.

The Title Series hosts several races across the country during the summer. The point totals for the season are presented at a championship ceremony in November.