Bristol, VA man arrested after leading dangerous car chase


A police chase that started in Piney Flats, Tennessee and ended across the state line in Bristol, Virginia led to the arrest of Timothy Manuel of Bristol, Virginia. He now faces 13 charges so far, including evading arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of an illegal weapon.

The chase started about 2 a.m. Monday morning. That's when a Sullivan County deputy saw a Chevy Impala exit a used car lot without license plates. The deputy signaled for the car to pull over, instead it took off down highway 11E. The chase continued toward Bristol, at one point almost hitting a Bristol police vehicle.

The chase finally ended when the car hit a curb on Goodson Street and the driver then fled on foot, hiding in a dumpster. The K-9 tracked him there and Captain Gary Medlin said officers warned him to come out or they would send in the dog, and they say he refused.

"Literally deployed the K-9 into the dumpster with him and the K-9 bit him and held," Capt. Medlin said.

Lt. Lee Carswell, the K-9 supervisor, said this isn't usually necessary. He estimates it's called for less than 5-percent of the time.

"The majority of the time just the K-9 presence being there, barking, is enough to deter anyone from not giving up," Lt. Carswell said.

According to the police report, Manuel said he ran because he was tripping from smoking "fake weed." He was taken to a hospital, then to jail.

Police searched his car and found a cut straw, baggies, and electronic scales. Also confiscated from the car was a shotgun and a sawed off shotgun, illegal because it can be easily concealed.

Manuel is being held in the Sullivan County jail on a $25,000 bond.