Budget woes force Northeast State to cut jobs, $5M in reductions

Northeast State Community College interim president James King announced Wednesday that the Blountville school would be taking drastic measures to shore-up their operating budget- including eliminating jobs.

Revenues not keeping pace with expenditures was one of the explanations King gave in a report that announced a recent exam of the school finance's has brought about the changes needed. Those corrective actions were recently approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents.

Those measures are:

$5 million of reductions in the current year's budget $2.8 million in cuts to operations, travel and equipment Reductions to personnel Requiring all departments to re-examine their spending plans

King said in the statement that some of the job losses can occur through natural attrition and leaving positions vacant but additional measures must be taken to reduce personnel costs. Salaries and benefits account for around 75 percent of Northeast State's total operating budget, the report said.

News 5's Tiana Bohner is sitting down with King and more details on the budget measures will be available on air and online Wednesday.

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