Carnival provider to Greene Co. Fair supplying rides at Ohio State Fair


An amusement company just hired to provide carnival rides at the Greene County Fair next month did have rides at Wednesday's Ohio State Fair where one person was killed.

Greene County Fair officials released a statement Thursday to clarify that Belle City Amusements supplied rides at the event but they are not the owners of The Fireball- the swinging, suspension ride that malfunctioned killing a man and seriously injuring five others.

The Fireball is owned by Amusements of America, according to the fair and the Associated Press.

Belle City signed a contract with Greene County in December following an accident last year where three children fell from a gondola-style basket on a Ferris wheel owned by Family Attractions LLC of Valdosta, Georgia.

A 6-year-old girl was treated for a brain injury following the accident which caused Greene County to terminate the Family Attractions contract.

The fair in Greeneville is scheduled to open August 7.

Here is the statement provided on the Fair's official website and Facebook account:

The Greene County Fair would like to clarify the situation concerning the ride accident on Wednesday night at the Ohio State Fair. The ride involved in the accident is NOT owned or operated by our new carnival company, Belle City Amusements. It is actually owned and operated by Amusements of America. The Ohio State Fair is a very large operation, and Belle City Amusements does provide some rides for the Ohio State Fair. However, none of Belle City Amusements' rides nor their company were in any way connected to the accident.

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