Carter County neighborhood experiencing burglaries; one man takes surveillance footage

Surveillance footage of burglars entering a Jeep Patriot early Monday morning. - Credit: Richard Largent

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - Burglars have victimized a neighborhood in Carter County for the past few months, but neighbors are coming together to do something about it.

Richard Largent's vehicle was burglarized back in June. The thieves stole about $500 worth of camping equipment.

"I drive a Jeep Wrangler, so it's a soft top," Largent said. "I don't lock the doors on it for fear of someone cutting the top."

Largent installed security cameras outside his home in case it happened again. On Monday, thieves did return.

"We got a call from our neighbor about 8 AM, saying that their vehicles had been broken into," Largent said.

Largent checked his security cameras. He found footage of what appears to be two men breaking-into his wife's jeep. They did not take anything from her jeep, but Largent's neighbors lost about $215 in cash, according to a police report.

"Everyone is really getting sick of all the thefts in the area."

Other neighbors have had problems too. Some have heard knocking on their doors or windows in the middle of the night.

Carter County Sheriff Dexter Lunceford calls the suspects "thieves of opportunity."

"They will check doors on cars if nobody's home," Lunceford said. "They'll knock and see if anyone responds."

Now the neighborhood has a Facebook group to warn each other of any suspicious activity.

"Hopefully someone will recognize them and turn them in," Largent said.

If you have information on the case, you are asked to call the Carter County Sheriff's Department.

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