Christmas decorations stolen from Kingsport homes


Some Kingsport residents are on edge after they say a real life Grinch is ruining the Christmas spirit.

Many living near Borden Park woke up over the weekend with their decorations stolen.

Now, neighborhood kids are wondering if their Christmas is in jeopardy.

It's that time of year with families decking the halls getting into the spirit of the season.

But Kingsport Police are looking for the Grinch who stole Christmas decorations.

"I literally turned around went back inside, I told my husband we'd been robbed and I just broke down into tears," Jennifer Welshimer said.

A large polar bear, a special snowman and lights all over the home were seen at Welshimer's home.

"He had 6 or 7 stakes with strings on them and he was staked down. They took that," she said, about the large inflatable polar bear. "Its got me and my husband possibly thinking of moving."

The polar bear, several lights, extension cords, among other things are all gone.

"It's definitely a real life Grinch in Kingsport," she said.

Even a sentimental snowman that's been passed down Jennifer's family was taken.

"My grandmother passed it to my father and just about 4 or 5 years ago my father passed it to me," she said.

"I love mommy's snowman," Welshimer's son, Xavier said.

Her kids, worried Santa and his reindeer won't be able to find them Christmas morning.

"I was worried that Santa couldn't see us without the lights," Xavier said.

"Not only did my mom, my dad and Xavier spend a lot of time doing it, just to see that it was taken away very fast," her daughter, Destiny said.

Despite all of this, Jennifer said there are still good people in this world, with her neighbor giving her a replacement decoration

"They gave us another 6 foot tall blow up bear and they told us they were sorry and Merry Christmas and hope we find out stuff," Jennifer said. "I wanted to cry when they gave it to me."

Police said this incident seems to be connected to another home nearby that was also robbed Sunday morning.

"A lot of times these criminals aren't trying to get rich by stealing these sort of things, they're just trying to turn a small profit quickly. Oftentimes to support a drug habit or something similar," Tom Patton said.

Kingsport Police said they have received several reports of stolen decorations this year.

No matter the value, police hope to hear from anyone suffering from a theft, for leads possibly leading to an arrest.

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