Church Hill EMS buildings sold at auction

(PHOTO: T. Davis / WCYB)

Operations at Church Hill EMS were shut down last summer because of funding woes. The finality of that process took place Friday as their two buildings were sold at auction.

The EMS station house and administration offices are now under new ownership after final bids of $167,000 and $85,000, respectively, were accepted.

One owner is planning to turn the offices into a dance studio while Bill Killen said he would be willing to talk with Hawkins County emergency officials to discuss a possible expansion of their services into his Church Hill property.

The county now handles emergency calls in the community after EMS filed for bankruptcy in August.

"I thought it would be a good investment. it's a good location. there's probably two or three different types of occupancy it could be used for. it wont take much to fix it up to lease the building and my interest was an investment," Killen told News 5.

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