Comptroller: Nearly $10K in funds unaccounted for at Carter County Animal Shelter

(WCYB Archive)

A red flag raised during an audit review in February has revealed nearly $10,000 in missing funding from the coffers of the Elizabethton-Carter County Animal Shelter.

A report issued Thursday by the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury said their investigation revealed a cash shortage of $9,516 as of June 2 due to missing adoption fees and misappropriated money from fees associated with animal care and donations.

The state review also uncovered several questionable actions by shelter staff including allowing pet owners to temporarily surrender their pets and then adopt them back after taking advantage of the shelter's low cost spay and neuter fees and free vaccines.

State investigators have also presented the evidence to the county's district attorney's office for review of any criminal charges, the report said.

The findings come one year after the estate of the late Glenda Taylor DeLawder was directed to allocate $1.2 million to the shelter along with $540,000 to purchase a van for the facility.

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