Connection: United Way creates an easier way to find volunteer opportunities

(PHOTO: L. Owens / WCYB)

The United Way agencies of Kingsport and Bristol are making it easier for people to volunteer with their partner agencies.

It's with the help of new websites. "Get Connected" and "Volunteer Kingsport" matches potential volunteers with agencies needing some helping hands.

Eastman Credit Union granted the agencies $10,000 to create the sites.

"We spend a lot of time in both United Way of Bristol and United Way of Kingsport of phone calls, emails going back and forth, people calling in asking, you know, they want to volunteer, and agencies calling in with needs. This way it's all on line where people can go and just match themselves up," Lynn Osborne with Eastman Credit Union said.

The United Way says they hope the sites will make things more efficient and boost volunteerism.

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