'Sweets for the Sweet' fundraiser bakes-up 900 cupcakes


Valentine's Day pays off for a local not-for-profit health center and News 5 was on hand to help.

Healing Hands Health Center in Bristol and news staffers from WCYB delivered almost 900 cupcakes Tuesday from Blackbird Bakery as part of the Sweets for the Sweet fundraiser.

The money raised provides healthcare to those who can't afford health insurance.

We caught our own P.J. Johnson, Dave Dierks and Casey Goetz out delivering the sweet treats.

Jamie Bowling with Healing Hands says this fundraiser is fun for everyone.

"This is certainly a significant fundraiser. What I always tell folks, we don't make the most money on this but for me this is the most rewarding fundraiser, because it does help our annual operating budget considerably, but it's just a lot of fun to do," Bowling said.

Bowling says about 70 volunteers to help them pull off the event.

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