BREAKING: Daniel Boone High School student dies after weekend crash




Daniel Boone High School principal, Tim Campbell, confirms with News 5 Justin Rose died tonight as his friends and family gathered for a vigil in his honor.


Daniel Boone High School is dealing with a second major traffic crash involving students this school year.

The crash happened Friday night at the intersection of John France Road and Headtown Road in Jonesborough. Initial reports say the car did not stop for a stop sign and hit an embankment. Four people were inside, three Daniel Boone students and an adult, who investigators say is a family friend of the driver. They were all hurt, the driver is still in critical condition.

Monday, the Daniel Boone High School community is rallying around the four people injured in the crash. News 5's Kristi O'Connor looked into what happened and how the community is handling it. You may recall, Daniel Boone High School lost one of its students to an unrelated crash in the fall. In this crash, three have already been released from the hospital, but the 16-year-old driver is fighting for his life. You can still see the damage from when a car slid past this stop sign and smashed into an embankment Friday night. Neighbors say it was a scene they are all too familiar with. "It's the worst, this is the third time it's happened since I've been here as far as people going all the way through the intersection and into the bank," Dan McLeod said. A16-year-old sophomore at Daniel Boone was driving 25-year-old Logan Burleson's Ford Focus, Burleson was in the passenger's seat. Two other Daniel Boone sophomores were riding in the back, a boy and a girl. "I can imagine with him being unfamiliar with the area, the stop sign sort of snuck up on him and as you can tell they applied the breaks and slid through the intersection and struck the embankment," Lt. Randall Wines said. According to the crash report, no one was wearing a seat belt and they were traveling too fast. Investigators say drugs and alcohol were not involved. The students at Daniel Boone know how it feels to lose a classmate to a tragic car crash, but they are staying "Boone Strong," and hoping their friend makes a full recovery. "It's a tough time but again its an opportunity for us to show how much we care and how much these people mean to us," Principal Tim Campbell said. Normally Daniel Boone High School students are wearing red and gold, their traditional school colors, but this week you will see them wearing John Deer green since the three students involved in the crash were members of the Future Farmers of America, FFA. "We just want the families of these three students to know that we are all praying for them, supporting them, rallying around them," Principal Campbell said. They are continuing to use #BooneStrong, which they used after student Kaylee Rabun died in a crash in the fall. Campell says they also plan to use #CowboyUp, a phrase the student driver uses often. The crash report says the driver and the front passenger, Logan Burleson, were extracted from the car. Burleson broke both of his legs. The girl in the back broke one of her legs and the boy in the back suffered a concussion and a cut to his head.

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