Deputies search for missing Telford woman's body near Buffalo Mountain

Sheriff's and deputies discuss their plans before starting the trip up the mountain trail.

UNICOI COUNTY, Tenn. - Washington County Tennessee Sheriff's deputies mounted a search party in Unicoi County today.

They were looking for Lisa Cloyd, who they now believe to be deceased.

"It's just a sad situation where we want to get some closure for the family," Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal said.

Cloyd was last heard from on July 20. She was declared missing on August 5.

Washington county Tennessee deputies used Pinnacle Trail in Unicoi County to access fire tower road. Construction on the other side of Buffalo Mountain is preventing them from getting to it directly.

Deputies received information that the body of Lisa Cloyd might be near fire tower road.

"We were talking to the family, and this actually came out of another family member that knew this family," Graybeal said. "He was a big camper, her husband was, and stuff, so they some information that she might be on Fire Tower Road, her body."

The Unicoi County Sheriff's Department assisted the investigators.

"With the recent high winds there are going to be some downed trees," Unicoi County Sheriff Mike Hensley said. "I provided the sheriff of Washington County chainsaws and tools to get through. They can probably get up there and around in about 40 to 45 minutes."

On August 7, deputies issued a warning that Lisa Cloyd's husband, Curtis, was believed to be armed. He shot himself during a standoff with police on August 10.

"We had a standoff with him, and he was our best lead," Graybeal said. "We were just trying to talk to him, but he took his own life. So we never got that chance."

Sheriff Graybeal said that his deputies could be out for as long as 10 hours.

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