Elizabethton prepares to reduce animal shelter contribution


Big cuts expected for the recently transformed Elizabethton - Carter County Animal Shelter. A first reading of the Elizabethton budget drops the contribution by $27,000 to $100,000. That money would go instead to the rescue squad.

The city mayor, Curt Alexander, said the city shouldn't have to pay half of the cost to run the shelter, but the county mayor argues the city should uphold its contract.

A new budget for the animal shelter comes in at about $400,000. County mayor, Leon Humphrey, expected the city to uphold its contract and split that cost.

Alexander insists that with a quarter of the county's population, it should only pay a quarter of the costs to run. He also says the contract is up and is waiting for Humphrey to agree to renegotiate.

"All we're asking is that we sit down with the mayor and county commission to come up with a new contract that's workable for everyone," Alexander said.

"We're in an agreement," Humphrey said. "It's a contract, and we need to honor that contract and move forward, and work progressively to get solutions to this situation."

The budget also included a $1,000 bonus for full time city employees and $500 bonus for part time employees.

The second reading on the budget is scheduled for june.

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