Finding shelter during dog days of summer


BRISTOL, Tenn. - When temperatures exceed 90 degrees, the Salvation Army in Bristol, Tenn. initiates its "White Flag" program.

The program is put in place during times of extreme weather-- in both Winter and Summer.

When the program is in place, anyone is welcome inside the facility.

"When the temperature rises from 90 or above, we'll do a couple of things, the cooling station-- the hydrating station-- will be available, folks can step into our lobby and grab some ice water." Explained the Salvation Army's Core Officer, Major Art Fultz.

There's also less restrictions on how long people are allowed to stay in the facility. Guests are welcome to stay after meal times to relax in the air conditioning.

Also offering support when temperatures rise is Haven of Rest, a mission located in Bristol, Tenn.

The facility offers longer term housing.

If you stay there and volunteer with the organization, you'll always have access to food and water.

"Usually our residents have a choice of whether to work with us, as far as volunteering for us-- in the pantry, in the thrift store, something along that line. So, we do make sure we take plenty of water for them, they're hydrated, they're in a cool place throughout the day." Said Haven of Rest's Interim CEO, Brian Plank.

With the possibility of more heat and humid weather in the coming days, Major Fultz with the Salvation Army thinks the organization may raise the white flag at the beginning of next week.

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