First snow of the season, Roan Mountain campers brave the cold for Halloween


CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - The first snow of the season, just in time for Halloween. Campers at Roan Mountain State Park braved the cold.

"It's an interesting way to end out the season," Brad Kroeger said. "It especially gives an opportunity for not only my daughter to get some trick-or-treating in, but also to have some time seeing many other kids' costumes as well."

The people in the park came for the yearly Halloween celebration. Kids said they had a good time dressing up in their favorite costumes.

"I was dressed as Sully and I trick-or-treated," 4-year-old Katherine Kroeger said. "I said 'Trick-or-treat, can I have some candy?'"

Some stayed inside their campers to keep warm. Others had different plans.

"We dressed really warm, sat out under the awning, and gave out treats" Diane Wood said. "The kids were awesome. They came through, they enjoyed themselves, and they were wet and cold, but it was great."

Turnout for the event was much lower this year.

"Last year, for Halloween in the park, we probably had 5, 6,000 people," campground host Paul Williams said. "This year we probably - maybe we had 500."

Part of the low turnout was due to recent flooding.

"The water was coming over the bridge up here, so to be safe we evacuated the whole campground," Williams said.

The cold and damp conditions did not stop those who came to roan mountain from having a good time.

"So the front has made it a little interesting," Brad Kroeger said. "We've even got a little bit of snowfall here on the back end, so that's made it a little bit more festive."