Florida evacuees at BMS unsure of future


BRISTOL, Tenn.. - Several Hurricane Irma evacuees are still calling Bristol Motor Speedway home.

As the evacuees learn more about the damage left behind by the storm, the amount of time they plan to stay in the Tri-Cities becomes more unclear.

"[Our house] is flooded. Our plants that we left outside, they're all gone. We don't know inside. We don't have power." Said Florida evacuee Veronica Tomberg.

"There's no power." Said evacuee Bren Karcich.

"Two tornadoes touched down." Added evacuee Jake Davis.

The evacuees don't know what their next moves are.

"We're not sure if we should go back due to funds." Said Davis.

"I don't know yet. We're going to stay here 3 or 4 days." Thought Karchich.

As they wait to hear when it will be safe for them to return home, the evacuees are trying to keep busy by exploring the area.

"We're going to go hiking today. Like an hour and a half away near North Carolina." Said Tomberg.

Kingsport is now offering free admission to several attractions around town to hurricane evacuees.

Free admission is being offered at Bays Mountain and Planetarium and the Kingsport Aquatic Center.

Free rides are being offered at the Kingsport Carousel.

And 'The Bobs" A Capella group concert is offering free admission to evacuees. That concert is on September 12th, at 7:00p.m. at Dobyns Bennett High School.

Evacuees must show their driver's license to verify their identity.

"It's very, very nice of people. Me and my wife, we didn't expect people to be so accommodating for us." Thought Davis.

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