Friends remember homicide victims as good parents and loving people


As investigators look to find the killer of a young married couple in Washington County, Tennessee, we are finding out more about them from close friends.

Kyanna and Robert Vaughn were found shot to death Monday night in their home in Boones Creek.

This is being investigated as a triple homicide, because Kyanna was six to seven months pregnant.

Their two other children, 3 and 6-years-old were found unharmed inside the home.

Bridesmaids and best friends, now mourning the deaths of Kyanna Vaughn and her husband, Robert who was also known as Rack.

"Everyone Kyanna met, she welcomed them with open arms. Rack did the same thing. They were great people," longtime friend Delia Johnson said. "I just want Kyanna and Rack back."

Johnson and Jamie Wooddell were best friends with Kyanna since they were young and growing up in Kingsport, attending Dobyns-Bennett High School.

Johnson said she was with Kyanna the day before she was found dead.

"The last time I saw her was Sunday evening. I left and I texted her and she never texted me back," she said.

Wooddell said she's 3 months behind Kyanna in her own pregnancy. She said they planned to have their kids do everything together.

"We were going to put them in the same schools, same everything," Wooddell said.

Kyanna is being remember as a good mom, who was so excited to have another daughter in just a couple months.

"They built a home, they got their house, they were happy. They had everything they needed," Johnson said.

Johnathan Ketron is a friend who grew up with Robert Vaughn and is taking it hard.

"It takes a cold hearted individual person to do this to a man, but to a woman pregnant with a child, that's one sick twisted individual," Ketron said.

If you have any information, you're asked to contact the Washington County, Tennessee Sheriff's Office at 423-788-1414.

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