Friendship Marina added higher walkways over rising water levels


Major rainfall in our region made this spring the wettest on record.

This is causing South Holston Lake to rise about four feet above where it should be.

News 5's Jessica Griffith shows us how Friendship Marina is working to keep their docks accessible.

Workers had to create higher platforms and walkways to get to the docks, because the usual walkway is underwater.

These high water levels aren't stopping people from coming out to enjoy time on South Holston Lake.

But the high water is causing workers here at friendship marina to get creative about reaching the docks.

"This weekend you see the folks getting out of their cars and first it's general shock. They're amazed to see how high the water levels are," General Manager Chris Koserski said.

This is the foundation of a boathouse, sitting on top of the high water. "Normally we would have all, this would be dry," he said. The water even covering parking spaces at the marina. "We've only lost probably 10 car spots," he said. We talked to TVA spokesperson Jim Hopson. He said they're working to lower the lake levels.

"We're moving about 800 cubic feet a second with sluicing. That's about 115 gallons of water per second," Hopson said. Sluicing or spilling water through the dam tunnel gets water out of the reservoir fast. "You'll see the water levels down in the next several days," Hopson said. Koserski said he's only seen the water level this high a few times.

"This is rare. With the amount of rainfall that we've had over the past 6 weeks. It's been very uncommon. So with that much rainfall the lake really doesn't have a choice but to come up," Koserski said. And this season alone, he said TVA has had to lower it three times. "It's just one of those things we have to deal with," Koserski said.