Gift of Life: April is National Donate Life Month

(PHOTO: L. Owens / WCYB)

Twenty two people die across the country waiting for an organ transplant. That's according to Tennessee Donor Services officials.

In honor of National Donate Life Month they have partnered with Mountain States Health Alliance to honor those who have donated. They are also sharing the stories of those on the receiving end of a donation.

The goal is to encourage everyone to consider being an organ donor.

"What it means to me is I'm going to be attending a lot of soccer games, a lot of basketball games, a lot of dance recitals, piano recitals, whatever my grandchildren get into. I'm going to be a part of their lives instead of just a distant memory," liver recipient Joe Carder said.

Those whose loved ones donated organs upon their death told us that knowing they helped someone else live helped them grieve for their family member.