Greene County Sheriff's Office is stepping up security


GREENE COUNTY, Tenn - The Greene County Sheriff's Office is adding new security to its jail workhouse to prevent breakouts like the one that happened last month.

In September an inmate climbed up a drain pipe onto the roof to escape the jail's workhouse.

He was later caught by police.

Now, the Sheriff's Office is constructing new fencing to prevent an escape like that from ever happening again.

"What we have done is extend the inside fence to where it goes all the way up to the roof," explained Sheriff Pat Hankins. "There will be razor wire that will go across the top to prevent this from ever happening again."

The total price of the project is roughly $8,500. The additions are paid for by the Sheriff's Office.

"I think it will build the confidence of the public that we're trying to do everything that we can. We also have cameras on the roof, we have cameras on the side of the building," said Hankins.

Many residents who spoke to News 5 said they are happy to see this action being taken.

"I think it's a good idea. I think it helps these folks be more at ease without having to worry about escapees," said Greene County resident Clem Allison.

"I go to church down here and I know the fact that they got on this quickly brings a lot of comfort and relief to people," said Monica Bradley, who attends church near the workhouse.

David Bailey lives in a complex down the street from the workhouse. He's glad his neighborhood is no longer at risk of seeing escapees.

"Especially a place like this-- it's a safe neighborhood and I don't want anybody to get hurt," said Bailey.

The sheriff said the new fencing should be done in the next few weeks.

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