Halloween could bring in record spending this year


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend more than $9 billion this Halloween season-- which would be a new record high.

That breaks down to about $85 per person.

The owner of the pop-up store Halloween Express in Johnson City, says customers spend the most on costumes and decorations.

"Clowns have been big because of the IT movie. Star Wars has been big. All the Marvel characters have been really big this year, Wonder Woman has been big for women," explained owner Starr Beverly.

Her store is only open seasonally, from the end of August to November 1st.

In that short time, Beverly says she sees a healthy revenue come in.

"We live in a great area because we get college kids and we get family kids," said Beverly.

Kara Burton and her family go all out for Halloween every year. She says this year, she and her husband will dress up as farm animals, and their daughter will dress as a farmer.

She says costumes, decorations, and the seasonal treats add up.

"I probably spend a little too much because I wait until the last minute. So, if I started earlier, I probably wouldn't spend as much," said Burton.

Besides costume stores, everyday farms are seeing a profit from Halloween.

Once they turn into haunted houses and pumpkin patches, farm attendance spikes.

Punkin Patch in Nickelsville, Virginia says it sold out of pumpkins this week. But don't worry, there's more supplies on the way for last minute shoppers.

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