High school kids learn about real life

(PHOTO: L. Owens / WCYB)

High school juniors from across the region got a taste of the real world thanks to Eastman, Junior Achievement, and the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce.

The career expo at the Eastman's Toy F. Reid Employee Center allows students to experience different life scenarios. They then had to figure out how they were going to pay the bills without running out of money.

The exercise is meant to introduce them to the concept of budgeting.

"Everyone got a different scenario, like I happen to be a mechanic with three children. I'm using that and my monthly salary and that's how I'm going around getting the different packages," Gate City High School Junior Trevor Meade said. "I've learned that money is very hard to come by, and I take my parents for granted," he added.

More than 1,700 students participated in the event.

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