Holocaust survivor featured in King U. lecture series

(PHOTO: T. Davis / WCYB)

A survivor of war-torn Crotia who lived in fear of Nazi allies was a special guest at King University's Memorial Chapel on Monday as part of the Institute for Faith and Culture's lecture series for 2017.

Holocaust survivor Theodora Klayman addressed the capacity crowd, speaking on her story that began when she was three years old. That is when her parents were deported and she was sent to live with an aunt.

Born Teodora Basch Vrancic in Yugoslavia, Klayman said Monday that all of her family was killed or served as prisoners of war. She was then sheltered by a Catholic uncle and by an entire community of non-Jewish neighbors. She hopes the audience learned a valuable lesson.

"We need to be aware of history. We need to be aware of how easily things can turn from tolerance to intolerance from honoring others to persecuting others so that is really a very important message," said Klayman.

She later settled in Washington, D.C., where she married an American chemist and earned a degree at the University of Maryland.

Klayman's appearance was part of a partnership between King University and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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