Honoring local military in a unique way

PHOTO: Samantha Zarek

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Helicopters were in the air for a special team challenge event to honor local members of the military in a unique way. They were invited to the Chateau Selah to participate in team challenges.

"We're doing four challenges: a handgun challenge, an AR-15 challenge, a helicopter shooting challenge, a jet ski challenge...and then we're going to add up the score and see who won," says co-founder of InsideTrack WOW, Alan Bracken.

It was a day to honor the military with the twist of a little friendly competition, as the men were split into two competing teams.

"We are having an opportunity to honor and say thank you to our military in a very unique and different InsideTrack we give leadership and very unique experiences with adventure," Bracken says.

James Johnston has been serving in the military for 21 years. He says the best part about an event like this has to do with the friendships and connections.

"It's nice to be able to get outside, meet some of the guys that, you know, you're cut sort of from the same fabric...get to interact with some of the same people that you used to interact with in the military and then go out and compete and hopefully win," he says.

Thirteen local businesses sponsored the event, and participants were made up of both active duty and retired members of the the military.

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