Illegal drug activity at Kingsport landfill nets three arrests


Two Sullivan County employees in charge of supervising probationers and a community service worker are facing drug charges following a TBI investigation at a Kingsport landfill.

The employees, John Parrish, 47, and David Bell, 48, and the probationer, Amanda Rothman, 26, face drug possession charges after District Attorney Barry Staubus ordered an investigation into illegal drug activity at the Sullivan County Transfer Station on Brookside Drive, the report said.

Authorities determined that several probationers were selling and using prescription pills, marijuana and methamphetamine while performing community service work at the waste station. Workers who were hired to supervise those community service convicts were also involved in drug activity, the agency said.

Drug testing conducted on 12 of the community workers at the facility resulted in seven workers testing positive, the TBI reported.

Bell, Parrish and Rothman were all jailed Wednesday and additional charges and arrests are possible because the investigation is ongoing.