Independence day weekend in the great outdoors

PHOTO: Samantha Zarek

KINGSPORT, TN - Many people in our area have chosen to spend their Independence Day weekend camping with family and friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. Camping for the holiday weekend is no doubt a tradition for some, but it's also a new experience for others. Burgers on the grill, outdoor activities, and the company of loved ones are all sights that were plentiful at Warrior's Path.

"We have family that lives here and we come every 4th of July for a family reunion and cookouts and camping and all those things...[so this is a tradition] is a tradition, it has been for many years," says North Carolina resident and camper, Lynda Buckbee.

"Last summer my parents came out and camped out here, me and my brother stayed home. They loved the place so they decided to take us out here for 4th of July and just have fun, get out of the house," says Greene County, Tennessee resident and camper, Jacob Gardin.

A relaxing weekend with family and friends that carries a patriotic theme. Campers are hiking, swimming, and stringing red, white, and blue decorations across their campsites.

"We had a pool party, today we have a baby shower for a new great-grandchild...tomorrow we will have a hamburger, hot dog, cookout in celebration of the 50th anniversary for my brother and his wife," says Buckbee.

"First day we just kind of got everything set up, second day we walked a bit around, took a hike on a trail...Mainly it's just been a kind of walk around and enjoy the area, just look at the whole view, we sat by the lake a little bit with the dogs and watched the waterfront, it's a great place," says Gardin.

Camping, grilling, and hiking are all ways people in our region are celebrating Independence Day weekend.