Inside look: ETSU football stadium, ready for game day

PHOTO: Samantha Zarek

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - After 14 seasons, the ETSU Bucaneers have a home stadium. The school is celebrating the grand opening of the William B. Greene Jr. Stadium. The kick off for their first game there tomorrow night. It'll be the first time in decades that the team will play a game at home outside. Football fans are getting ready for the debut of the new stadium. "We're doing our best to make this the premier college football experience for someone here in North East Tennessee, and I think it will be that," says associate athletic director for communication, Michael White. The entrance to the stadium gives families the opportunity to have their own family tree in exchange for a donation. Another donation opportunity to become a part of the history is the 1911 Legacy wall. A new tradition for fans and players, the "rock".

"The rocks are special, they were here in the foundations of where the stadium now stands. One will be where the team comes onto the field before the game. They'll be able to touch the rock as they come on, the fans as they come through the arch will be able to touch a rock there as well...just kind of a symbolism of togetherness both the team, the fans, everyone on campus," White says.

The stadium is equipped with several different types of seating options.

"People have had a choice of purchasing chair backs, they can purchase bleacher, they can purchase a regular back seating, so there are options for fans," White says.

White reminds fans to arrive early on game day.

"The gates will open about 2-hrs before the kick, so make sure to get here in time to get to your seats and we also want people to understand they can tailgate on campus, have fun, get here early, tailgating opens at eight in the morning. Get here, get your spot, and enjoy the day," White says.

Students are ready for the new tradition of outdoor football games at home.

"I'm really excited especially because it's a new field and they just opened it and I just really like football and all the excitement and all the school spirit of it all," says freshman, Cameron Hammer. The first game will be Saturday at 7:00 P.M. at the new stadium. Tailgating begins at 8:00 A.M.

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