It's coach #3 for David Crockett as Musket Bowl approaches

(PHOTO: M. Lucas / WCYB)

UPDATE: 6 p.m.

New David Crockett interim football coach Nick Lingerfelt says he stepped up and volunteered for this position to help the kids finish the winning season they started.

"I just felt like as a person it was my responsibility to step up and say 'hey if these kids want to play I'll be there'," he says.

David Crocektt's newest interim coach isn't a stranger to the sidelines. The Pioneers baseball coach spent last season as a football assistant at Dobyn's Bennett and has previous experience in Unicoi County. He replaces former interim coach Brandon Qualls, who took over the reins of the team last week when Gerald Sensabaugh was placed on administrative leave.

"For the best interest of the program and the kids, we decided to go in this direction," interim athletic director John Good says.

The latest coaching move coming at the most crucial point in the season, with a trip to Daniel Boone for the annual Musket Bowl set this Friday.

"It's huge," Good says. "Kids grow up wanting to be a part of this game and it's bragging rights throughout the county."

Lingerfelt with keep assistant coach Dustin Gaines on his staff moving forward, but isn't releasing any more details about who else will help him prepare his players for this rivalry. He does however, credit his predecessors for their work.

"Coach Sensabaugh and Coach Qualls, regardless of what's going on, those two men have prepared these kids to take this battle," Lingerfelt says. "When I look at the X's and O's, they're in great shape."

After all of last week's adversity, Lingerfelt's focus is on one thing and one thing only.

"We know that Daniel Boone is a good team but I have no doubt these kid can overcome it and they can win this football game," he says.

A question that's been floating around recently is whether or not we've seen the last of Gerald Sensabaugh at David Crockett? We spoke with coach Sensabaugh on Monday and he says regardless of what the investigation reveals, he would be open to the idea of returning to the Pioneers only if the circumstances are right.

As for Lingerfelt, he says he'll call the offensive, defensive and special teams plays on Friday. He says his number one rule for his team is to love eachother. He says if they do that, good things will happen.

The Musket Bowl is on Friday at 7:30 p.m.


Nick Lingerfelt will be the Pioneers' third coach in as many games taking over the reins from interim coach Brandon Qualls.

He has some experience coaching football but David Crockett hired him to be their baseball coach.

Lingerfelt was on Dobyns-Bennett staff a year ago and has previous coaching experience in Unicoi County. He says he's volunteer for this to make sure the players had a chance to finish out their season.

Lingerfelt will take over all the play-calling duties on Friday night and is ready to take responsibility is anything goes wrong.

"I'm the coach, I'll call offensive defensive and special teams plays. When we lose, if we lose that comes it'll be my fault because I'm the coach," he said.

This will be the first Musket Bowl coach Lingerfelt has ever been a part of but he's no stranger to the rivalry. He says his wife is a Daniel Boone alum and there may be some tension in the house the rest of the week.