JCPD gets bike donations to help patrol Tweetsie Trail

(PHOTO: T. Davis / WCYB)

The Johnson City Police Department took delivery Friday of two specialty bicycles that will help officers patrol the Tweetsie Trail.

The trail's Conservancy group took donations and purchased the cycles that are valued at $1,000.

Chief of Police Mark Sirois says crime on the trail has never been a concern but the added protection of a police presence should be a comfort to those who use it.

"It doesn't matter whether it's a trail a street or road or someone's neighborhood, everyone has concerns about crime could occur at any place and any point so what this does is the more visibility we can have the more visible we can be in different areas in town then that just serves as a deterrent," the chief said.

The Tweetsie Trail is a 10-mile trek that extends from Johnson City to Elizabethton.