Johnson City Police look for attempted kidnapping suspect


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A suspected kidnapper is still on the loose tonight, five days after he made a grab for a 10-year-old girl in Johnson City. News 5's Kristi O'Connor shows us why police are urging all parents to be on high alert. The school bus stops on S. Roan St. every afternoon, and it was the one time a Johnson City mother did not meet her daughter at the bus stop that the girl was nearly snatched up by a stranger. When the little girl got off the bus, a man tried to lure her into a trap. "He said he had a package for her parents and she said she was going to get her parents when he grabbed her by the wrist," Johnson City Police Captain Matt Howell said. The 10-year-old pulled her arm away from the man who is at least 3 times her age and he took off when her sister ran toward them. Police have spent the last 5 days monitoring the area, but so far no sign that the man has come back or tried again. "I just thank god the little girl got away," Neighbor Joann Brown said. Brown says she saw a suspicious car around the time the school bus stopped by, but she never expected this to happen right in front of her home. "I'm not going to let my granddaughters out here no more, I'm just terrified," Brown said. As police try to track down the suspect, they are urging all parents to wait for their kids at the school bus and talk to your kids so they do not fall for the bait. "If they do observe anything that is suspicious, doesn't matter how minor, just call 911 and we'll have an officer come out and check," Capt. Howell said. Police say the suspect has not been seen since he took off toward Unicoi County. The little girl described the suspect as about 5'9" with short brown hair and a brown beard. He is a white man in his early 40's. Police say he was driving a gold or beige four-door car.