Jonesborough financial worker accused of defrauding Army veteran


A Veterans Administration financial advisor based in Jonesborough is accused by federal prosecutors of earning the trust of an incompetent Army vet and then having the patient place him in his will to inherit thousands of dollars.

A superseding indictment has been lodged in federal court in Greeneville against Kenneth Richard Devore on charges of using his status as a worker for the Veterans Benefit Administration to defraud a Knox County, Tennessee, resident and honorably discharged Army staff sergeant of $680,000.

Court documents obtained by News 5 said prosecutors found evidence of Devore manufacturing documents including the veteran's last will and testament to obtain the money and secured the victim's signature to official papers in 2015 that named Devore as the sole beneficiary.

The records show the veteran was declared incompetent by a Knox County court in April 1987 following his discharge in June 1986.

Devore is scheduled for a two-day trial beginning September 26.

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