Justice Dept.: Injunction stops Crown Labs skin cream production


A Johnson City-based company distributed dermatological creams without any FDA approval according to a federal injunction filed Thursday by the Justice Department that asks that their production of select skin cream products to cease.

Crown Laboratories and its CEO Jeffrey Bedard are named in the order that Acting Assistant Attorney General Chad Readler said was done to ensure that pharmaceutical companies follow the rules and protect American consumers.

The products, such as Dermasorb XM and Rea Lo, were sold by Crown as products intended to treat dermatological conditions like dry skin, fissures, acne rosacea and keratosis, according to the report.

Crown has agreed to settle the case and stop manufacturing the creams until formal applications have been filed with the Food and Drug Administration and then approved by the federal agency, the Justice Dept. reported.

The company also has to destroy the supplies of creams cited in the injunction within 20 days of a court order.