Johnson City juvenile detention center gets upgrades


A much needed renovation for the juvenile detention center in Johnson City is almost complete.

Foundation work, a new central air system, security console and door locks were some items they have addressed.

The building was originally built in the mid 1970's and converted into a detention center in 1985.

It's owned in partnership by the seven Northeast Tennessee counties.

Over the last several years they have realized that the building was in need of more than just the usual maintenance.

"It's in good condition except for the foundation problem which started, and of course the roof needed to be replaced and that's been for years. So finally we took a hard look at it and found out all the things that we could put into that budget and that's what we did," Elyjenn Health and Detention Serrvices CEO said. That budget is around half a million dollars.

Robertson says each county had been saving up money for years to put toward the renovation.

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