Kingsport United Way caps successful fund raising campaign with $3.3M

(PHOTO: T. Davis / WCYB)

Volunteers and members of all area United Way agencies gathered in Kingsport Tuesday to celebrate their 2017 campaign.

The goal for this year was $3.6 million and the final number came in at $3.3 million in cash along with pledges of an additional $200,000, according to agency officials.

Agencies that work with United Way serve nearly 1,400 people in a year and Kingsport campaign chair Bill Trapp says the feeling is indescribable.

"It's one of satisfaction but it's also its just joy and it's a feeling of teamwork because no one person does this, no one agency does this. It's really an amazing feeling when you see the whole community get together and rally behind a common cause," he said.

You can still give on this 'giving Tuesday' by texting UWAYKPT to 91999.

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